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Some say most companies fail because they are undercapitalized.  Facts are, most companies fail because they aren't selling their products at high enough margins to remain profitable. Selling impacts everyone, regardless of; position, location, age, etc. How selling rewards you; money, promotions, people liking you, people working with you, people wanting to please you, are just some of the immediate benefits of selling well.  Selling is what keeps every company in business. This holds true for non-for profit & humanitarian aid organizations as well. Without sad music and commercials, their initiatives would cease to exist in the public view. Sad...but true. This is where aims to change the conversation.

Simply put, every quarter student entrepreneurs and Directors help progressive organizations gain quantifiable "word of mouth" exposure by delivering your sales message to a much larger, more geographically / demographically matched target market, with a cost-effective, turn-key solution. Directors are staffed locally and worldwide for commissions and/or internship credit to sell cursive appreciation club memberships that include a pen with your company name on it.  That's it. With that you accomplish (3) universal objectives; acquire new customers, retain existing customers and gain additional spending from current customers. Regardless of the industry, every business shares these goals and helps you get there - one quarter at a time. It’s part of the reason we are one of the fastest growing companies of 2018!​​​​

  • Executive Sales Training & Recruiting
  • B2B - B2C Marketing 
  • Capital Leases & Profit Leveraging 
  • Legal Process Servicing 
  • Utilization-rate forecast
  • Web & Mobile App Design 
  • Business Plan Writing & Development
  • Domain Brokerage & Management

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                    “ Truth is the easiest thing to sell. "


                                                  ~ Daymond John | Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Why join

Leaders Are Born, LLC or "" is a student for student entrepreneur network dedicated to incubating & advocating humanitarian organizations and initiatives. Our quarterly Directorship program is a means to empower student entrepreneurs and their industry mentors with the resources and funding to expand their ideas into profitable companies.

Developed observing fraternal designations, Directorship levels follow strict achievement and "rite" fulfillment requirements for advancement and access to higher levels of distinction and information within the organization.  Junior Directors enter as "Pilots" with the goal of advancement into "Lodge Captain". The mission of "Captain" is to mentor and manage "Chapters" & "Pilots" through "Lodge" #CommonCents quarterly campaign initiative and administrative operations.

Our "Lodge" system is built on the premise that Leaders Are Born can be successful only if our Director members are successful. We believe in a partnering relationship with our Directors, suppliers and ambassadors. This relationship begins with executive leadership. What we provide is a proven business development process that turns everyday social interactions into potentially profitable opportunities. You will become an operational expert focused on providing a consistently outstanding experience for each of your clients.

Join today and take your business to new profitable levels!

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