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 April 7th, 2018

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 August 11th, 2018

                    “ An extra mile is worth more than an extra dollar. "


                                                  ~ Unknown Yet | Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Leaders Are Born is an exclusive student for student entrepreneur network that specializes in in providing internship and career opportunities to collegiate entrepreneurs worldwide. Exclusive to student members, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) and collegiate internship credits for supporting the innovative ideas and humanitarian causes they are most passionate about. Every quarter we dedicate our #RunForit - a student runners social campaign to an organization or cause seeking national community support.

This Q2 2018 we are proud staffers and supporters of "MS Run The Us".

"MS Run the US, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support multiple sclerosis research and those living with disabilities due to MS. Our endurance events focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle while inspiring individuals around the nation to maximize their capabilities and become active in their communities to help those in need. Every year we run a 3,100 mile relay across America and rally thousands in support of the event to help END multiple sclerosis (MS)! This is our story and why we run for a reason. 

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