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Our Directors have success using our pens and community to reach new customers, promote products and deliver services - no matter the industry. If your business involves building relationships - membership provides an exclusive opportunity to earn profits from the progressive conversations others hold. Looking to really spread the word about your cause or business? Our Brand Ambassadors can distribute samples, flyers, or even business cards at any event or location desired such as shopping malls, exhibitions, or trade shows.

Through a Directorship, Executives and certified independent contractors receive a quarterly opportunity to mentor a team of collegiate entrepreneurs seeking jobs or internship credit for executive selling experiences in their industry. Students enter as "Pilots" with the goal of advancement into "Lodge Captain". The mission of each "Lodge" is to mentor and manage "Chapters" & "Pilots" through quarterly campaign initiatives that benefit the communities in which they serve. 

By connecting these future leaders of tomorrow with their industry heroes of today, offers Director mentors the opportunity to teach and highlight their industry's best practices, as well as the proper distinction between a lead and a prospect. Exclusivity to's #CommonCents campaign is the borderless initiative that connects local students to Director mentors worldwide.​​ 

" It's a pen in your pocket. Like a verb, it only works if you use it."


  Junior Director // "Junior" Pilots & "Senior" Pilots: *Campaign Sponsorship required. Society benefits +

· Qualify for exclusive in-network opportunities and events +

· Earn Network Referrals

Junior Pilots are "student" entrepreneurs that raise awareness and support around progressive humanitarian initiatives and organizations.

Senior Pilots or "Executive Intern Agents" are Junior Directors under the direct mentorship of a Chapter or Lodge Director that engages in new member welcome calls to gain insight and contacts inside the industry of their major.  

Senior Director //  "Chapter" Directors: 
*No Sponsorship required.

"Chapter" level benefits + 
· Exclusive Virtual Office with Business Phone line +

· Earn Network Commissions

"Chapter" Directors are Senior Pilots that receive access to the Directors Handbook - a step-by-step operations manual to virtually interview, train, mentor and manage Junior Directors by logging into weekly web meetings to present that weeks sales awards and go over any sales hurdles. 

Executive Director // "Lodge" Captains: 
*Business Tax ID Required.  

"Lodge" level benefits +
· Exclusive Fundraising Event for up to 250 Guests + 

· Engraved Campaign Support Pen

· Earn Network Residuals

Executive Directors or "Lodge Captains" are the Founders, Owners and Operators of EIN registered organizations seeking an innovative resource to scale brand awareness while earning positive attention and financial support towards their cause. Upgrades are capital lease opportunities for Directors to transform quarterly profits into long-term wealth. 


" Be the first investor in your success. " Director Memberships are renewable quarter to quarter. Every Director must meet weekly earnings targets to remain eligible for "active" network benefits. Eligibility for membership upgrades are based on purchase and/or performance. Director registration starts at $99 USD, with monthly dues including but not limited to;

Directorship Requirements
Director Quarterly Registration:  $99^ USD
*Minimum Weekly Earnings Requirement: $125 USD

Director Member Fees
**Director Overhead Fee: $12.00^ USD monthly + up to $12.00 USD per "active" Director in network
*** Lead Royalty Fee: up to 10% of Chapter or Lodge activity 
****Ad Royalty Fee:  2% per year

*Earnings Requirement - is a business to business network or "working" professionals. Each Director must meet the minimum earnings required to remain "active" within the network. **Director Overhead Fee -  Monthly dues for each "active" Director in each Chapter or Lodge. *** Lead Royalty - Senior Directors and above only. The total amount due per completed in-network appointment or "closed contract" required to remain "active" within the network, outlined under "Royalty" in the LAB
Terms & Conditions. This includes but not limited to; Director registration and setup fees, along with other on-going business expenses such as domain registration, booking platform, CRM lead management software, business phone, real estate, equipment, supplies, business licenses and working capital. ****Ad Royalty Fee - Executive Directors only. 

See Directorship plans here.

​Ongoing Support​
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                                                  ~ Daymond John | Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

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