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innovation. education. growth.

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               “ Truth, is the easiest thing to sell. ”

                                                      ~Daymond John | Visionary, Entrepreneur

“ Our favorite holding period is forever. "

                                              ~Warren Buffett | Investor, Philanthropist


Innovation. Education. Growth.  

Leaders Are Born™ is a global leadership platform for student entrepreneurs to network with industry professionals. Through we advocate quarterly fundraisers benefiting progressive humanitarian initiatives and organizations.

Our Mission - To embolden the art of entrepreneurship through penmanship and provide #CommonCents as a tangible resource to communities locally and worldwide. was founded to disrupt the conventional entrepreneurial incubator space, empowering entrepreneurs with the tangible resources, mentorship and training - allowing them to work on real world projects while they earn residuals and internship credits for school. Our 65-Business Day Executive Internship Program allows certified and licensed professionals to quickly and effectively - interview, train, mentor and staff student entrepreneurs that share their passion for a progressive cause. Starting in New York our community is expanding rapidly with new corporate partnerships established through our member exclusive conversations. is currently the fastest-growing leaders community, unique in creating a fully transparent, global marketplace of young professionals seeking leadership and new career opportunities. These are just a few of the organizations our firm has proudly sponsored and continually supports.  ​

LEADERS & Mentors

Our goals

01. Commitment to Excellence

Leaders Are Born provides administrative leadership and ongoing financial support to certified or licensed professionals seeking Executive levels of success. Your pitch is your success. Sales 101. ​Our innovative stair-step sales training and digital mentorship process provides a unique launching platform, preparing entrepreneurs for a career in consultive sales.

02. Dedicated and Loyal Mentors 

Whether your business is already established or you are a student seeking mentorship, apply with confidence that our #1 mission is to provide top-notch leadership to help see you through to your next venture. We offer every member a focus on integrity, advocacy, and a commitment to helping them succeed. 

03. Your Business is Your Business

Advocating for a cause is what we do. What that cause is - is up to you. We sponsor leadership events and conferences to help your business make sure every conversation counts. Collegiate members of our network go on to land great positions at top-tier companies while they simultaneously "Create Every Opportunity" in organizations they start themselves.

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