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Leaders Are Born ™


                    “ An extra mile is worth more than an extra dollar. "


                                                  ~ Unknown | Entrepreneur, Philanthropist


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" The leaders of tomorrow always start today! "

“ Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. "

​​​​​​~ Gilbert K. Chesterton | Author

Everyone does "something" for "something". Whether selfless or selfish as long as we are human, we all have to eat, which means we all have to work. In order to accomplish that work collectively, we must first to communicate effectively. With respect to food, water, shelter and clothing, communication is the industry most necessary for the progression of any culture, society or civilization. 

Throughout history oppression has used control of communication to indoctrinate masses into a objective perception of reality. Natural tones, symbols, and entire historys' subjugated into illiteracy - by way of forced hand, labor or "education". Our conjecture is leaders are born when common sense becomes a mission to sell. Very few posses the commitment to act towards solutions where most will spend their entire life pondering the nay.  

Why do we have such massive waste? Maybe we're mass producing too much. 

Why are our children stupid smart? Maybe we're rewarding stupid actions. 

Here at Leaders Are Born, LLC our philosophy is simple - we all have the answers to our own life questions, however one constant remains between us. Actions make leaders of those whom master verbs. With education being used as a tool - not a weapon, being our primary mission, it only made sense to make "a pen" be our "something" to represent our collective effort against the continuation of this generational verbal abuse.

Dedicated as the fraternal mission of Leaders Are Born, LLC™, and through our exclusive community building penmanship club -™ we reinvest 100% of proceeds back into educational initiatives and progressive programs that benefit the communities our members live and work in​​.

Kidlightenment™ or " #CommonCents™ " is a 501c initiative dedicated to providing a resource for internships, mentorships and career opportunities to student entrepreneurs locally and worldwide.​ Join our community and help us build a better tomorrow by paying teachers more today.

 " It's a just pen, yet it can change a world.
​ "

This quarter, our #IAMGOLD campaign is dedicated to raising awareness and support for